Monday, October 18, 2010


What is strength ?

It is a noun that's defined as the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor.

OK yes that is strength, but real strength, the kind that when the world seems to turn it's back on you and you want to crawl into bed and be swallowed, left alone with your own thoughts of misery, but yet you get up, you shower and you put a smile on your face through all the pain that you are feeling that my friends is strength. Yes I have dealt with this kind of strength and have seen many people deal with it. I've heard a million things about it "I'm so proud of you", "Not many could have done what you have done" but really what did I do that was so remarkable or any more than anyone else would have done in my position? All I did was decide to get out of bed and continue living.

What about the people who live through a natural disaster and everything that they know is taken from them in a blink of an eye? Are they strong? Do they represent the definition of strength? Of course they do, or at least I think they do. I can't imagine how so many people can decide to wake up and keep living when everything and everyone that they love is gone in an instant. But they do what else is there for them to do?

What makes anyone strong? I think we all exhibit strength in our everyday lives. Some days more than others. But if we all look deep down inside of us we all have the strength. For me my children make me strong, make me be the person I am.

No matter what life hands me on any given day, and yes when I'm faced with the difficulties and am unable to see the light at the end I decide to wake up, and keep living. Cause when I look at the big picture of my life it may not be the way I planned it to be, but it's exactly where I should be, where I'm meant to be. So no matter what I will always continue to keep holding on...

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