Sunday, October 17, 2010


Who am I??  As I sit and wonder this exact same thing I can remember once doing what I thought was a silly survey on Facebook one time. You had to list multiple things about yourself, and I thought what a great way to describe who I am...I'm a list person. I love lists of any kind.

1. I have the 2 sweetest kids in the world that I love dearly. Olivia and Ethan are my life.
2. I love lists :)! Ok so maybe you already seen that but hey I love them. I work much better when I have my "to do list", I spend less money at the grocery store when I go with a list in hand.
3. My family means the world to me. I don't only consider my family my parents, and children, but my best friends are my family too.
4. I can't sing along to a song without googling the lyrics and knowing the words that I'm singing.
5. Speaking of google, I LOVE google.
6. Smiling makes me feel complete and at peace
7. I have been handed a few hands in my life that have taken a lot of strength to get through and figure out, but I'm a much better person because of all of those situations.
8. I hate cooking, but feel I'm doing a lot better in the kitchen.
9. I can now appreciate sitting in a room and listening to absolutely nothing
10. I have learned to make myself a healthier person. Mind, body and soul, and am so thankful for it
11. Sometimes I like to cry. It soothes the soul, to me it's like rain on a hot summer day
12. I no longer let anyone walk over me. If I feel someone is doing me wrong I stand up for myself.
13. I don't like confrontation.
14. I value all of the relationships that I have in my life.
15. I try to look at everything and every situation as a positive situation, and or a learning experience
16. I have many "plans" that are constantly changing.
17. I wouldn't change anything about my life. There is a reason everything happened, and I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be at this exact moment.
18. I completed my first 5km run this year, which was something I have always wanted to do. Now I want to be able to work towards running 10kms.
19. I love the first snowfall of the winter, the first real beach day of the summer, the first flower that blooms in the spring, and the smell of the first fall day.
20. I am a mom, and I will forever be grateful because I learned from the best mom there was.

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  1. Hey you!! I did make a comment yesterday, but I have no idea where it went...
    Love reading your blog!!