Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My baby is growing up!!!!

So Ethan is only 9 months, 3 weeks old if I want to be technical and this morning he took 10 steps!!! I have such mixed emotions about it. I'm celebrating this huge milestone of course but I have to admit there is a very small part of me deep inside my heart that just wants to cry...He's my baby, just a few short months ago he needed me for everything, now he's gaining independence and doing things on his own, and this is only going to happen more and more. Now don't get me wrong I'm so beyond proud of him, and love love love watching him learn new things, but I'm his mama, and I'm allowed to be sad for just a few mins.

 Being home alone with him while he takes these steps is making it a bit hard to get it on video but stay tuned and I will get one hopefully this evening :)

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