Monday, March 7, 2011

Again?? Really???

Ok I'll warn you now, this isn't a feel good post, more of a vent or a rant...

Since September Ethan has been diagnosed with 7 yes you read that right 7 ear infections, again tonight I picked him up at daycare was informed that he was digging at his ears yet AGAIN, so home we ran to pack a little bag, and then off to the clinic we went...waited for about 45 mins which I will add wasn't too bad considering we were # 19 on the list and then finally got ushered in to see the dr...One quick look and it was confirmed what I thought ANOTHER infection...

We have already been into the ENT specialist last month and were told that 1 more infection = tubes....I have been wishing this last infection ever since, and now that it is upon me I'm wishing it away, in all honesty it's very bittersweet...glad to be moving forward but wishing it was because he never got another infection...Ahh well a call to Dr. Phong tomorrow and hopefully a surgery time will be in the mail in the next few weeks with tubes beng put in sometime this spring..ahh my poor baby...

Ahhh I thinik I feel a little bit better

Sunday, March 6, 2011

10 years old??? What?!?! You must be kidding me

So my sweet little pre-teen (gasp),  had her birthday last week...I'm told she turned 10, but thinking it can't be possible...10 years, that's a full decade, that I have successfully kissed the boo boos, scared the monsters away, and in recent years talked about boys, and fights with friends...things will get better, and easier right?????

She told me she had a great birthday, her class went skating, party that night with her friends, and 4 little girls spending the night! Is it wrong to be thankful this was all at her dad's house???? Sunday when she arrived home we had a celebration here for her, best friends, family, tacos and cake!! What could make it any better?? A little friendly competition on the Wii playing "Just Dance", and being spoiled with presents!!!

My birthday wish for you Olivia, is that you always be you. I know I'm your mom and maybe slightly biased but you are perfect just the way you are. I couldn't ask for a better daughter. You are the best big sister Ethan could ever ask for! Please don't rush growing up, enjoy your childhood for as long as you can.

I love you and you make me so proud in everything that you do!