Sunday, October 24, 2010

How things can change :)

It's amazing how much a life can change in a relatively short period of time. I remember a time not that long ago (well ok maybe a few years) where it would have been impossible for me to sit at home on a Friday or Saturday night and do nothing. Especially if I didn't have to be home (no kids) well this weekend arrived, and Fri night both kids were gone for the night. I went to bootcamp which was a killer!! I got through it though...but the funny part of it was when our trainer asked us what our plans for the night were...My answer was an enthusiastic "Going home getting into bed and listening to NOTHING" lol. Who would have thought that on a night when I didn't have the kids, and a Friday, that all I can think of is going home and crawling into bed??? But I must admit it was a great night, I enjoyed it and woke up the next morning feeling great! A full 8 hours of sleep is very rare these days so when I get the chance to get it I usually don't pass it up...Now don't get me wrong, had there been something going on that my friends would have been involved in I would have taken the chance to go out into the adult world which I don't seem to be connected to either, but it was a cold, wet, windy fall evening and it was great to just crawl under those comfy covers that were calling my name all day and tune out the harsh cold evening, and best of all listen to absolutely nothing!

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