Thursday, November 25, 2010

You can count on me....

So my morning started something like this...
Olivia: "I'm so lucky that I have so many friends, and so many really good friends"
Me: "Yes your right Olivia, you're very lucky"
Olivia: "There is the little boy in English that never has anyone to play with at recess usually, and it really makes me sad"
Me: " Oh really?"
Olivia: " ya, but if were outside playing and I see him, I ask him to play especially if it's not just a girl game"
Me: "I'm really glad to hear this Olivia, I bet it makes him have a better day.."
Olivia : "Ya probably...what's for breakfast?"

If Olivia only knew how inspiring this conversation was to me, or how proud she made me to hear it wasn't a big deal, it's just the right thing to do...At the tender,raw age of 9 she sees that this isn't the way she would want to be treated and does something about it and doesn't even see the impact on the lives around her, she is showing her friends what the meaning of true friendship is all about, and making someone else have a bit of a better day..Olivia you make me so proud of you every single day, even when you don't realize it.

Have you ever heard a song that completely inspires you??? Well today was in Oprah's words my "Ah ha" moment with a song...Look up the song "You can count on me" by Bruno Mars First it has such a happy beat to it even if you don't listen to the words that it puts a smile across your face, but then if you sit back and listen to the words, really listen to the words, it's impossible not to sit there and think of all your friends...

When I listen to the song I think of all the conversations with my friends (and when I mean friends this also includes you mom) Some of the conversations involved A LOT of tears, these tears could have been from hurt, pain, as well as happiness, and hope. To name a few of our conversations they have been around new loves, engagements, break ups, buying houses, moving away from home, pregnancies, births of our babies, parenting dilemmas, you name it we have talked about it. Friends are one of the biggest blessings in life. I truly believe that it's more important to have a few true friends than many associates and these people that I consider my friends, I know that if I called, texted or emailed them and said the words "I need you" they would come in a heart beat no matter what the distance is between us, and these people know that I would do the same for them. This may seem odd to some people that I would stop what is going on in my life to rush to the side of a friend that needed me, but my friends aren't just people that are there for the good times these are people that have been there through thick and thin, have seem me at my highest and my lowest and besides my parents, these friends are my biggest fans.

So to you my friends...You can count on me, like 1, 2, 3 and I'll be there, and I know when I need it I can count on you like 4, 3, 2, and you'll be there...cause that's what friends are supposed to do

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