Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween 2010 so maybe a few days late :)

This year Olivia was with her dad to go trick or treating which probably worked out best for her, seeing Ethan wouldn't have gotten the same joy out of running from door to door filling up a bag of candy as quickly as possible. That's what Olivia does but regardlelss, she still took the time to come and see her mama and show me her costume...Olivia was the cutest nerd around...LOL...and surprisingly she made a pretty good one, hair up in high pig tails, suspenders holding her jeans up WAAAY too high...

Olivia and her friend Brett Oct 31/2010

Ethan was a dragon, but seeing his smile lights up the room there was no way he could be a scary dragon, so I figured Puff the Magic Dragon is who he was...His Halloween was a little more interesting in the fact that he had no more interest in being dressed up and seeing others dressed than what I would enjoy getting a root canal...

Olivia and I did teach Ethan a trick and in my opinion it was the cutest thing possible ( I am a little biased though) We would ask Ethan "what does Puff say" and he returned a cute "RAAAWWWRRR"

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