Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas memories 2010

Well it was Olivia's 9th Christmas and wow the excitement was bubbling over for at least a week leading up to the big event! I always worry about how much and what she is getting as she has 2 full Christmas's, and well this year was no exception. At her dad's house she received a TV from Santa, and then here she scored an Ipod touch as well as a TV...The only thing that saves my thoughts from going to a dark place over all of this is the fact that when she was getting ready for bed Christmas day she said that as excited and happy she is with all her gifts her favorite part of the day was spending it with all the people she loves...And yes that's the exact moment that the strings on my heart were not only tugged but pulled with as much force as she possibly could have.

Ethan's 1st Christmas wasn't what I had hoped it would be for the only reason that he was a pretty sick little boy with more ear infections #6 to be exact!!! I took him to the clinic on the 23rd and started him on his meds but it took about 4 days for him to perk up. He was not interested in presents or Christmas, and actually slept through Olivia opening not only her gifts but his as well...Sorry Ethan ;)

As always Santa, and our family and friends spoiled us...there were more gifts under the tree to open than one could imagine! But like Olivia my favorite part of the day was sitting around the table at mom's enjoying the company of my family, while we all enjoyed the hard work that mom put into her fabulous meal!!! And then when we got home that had the fireplace going, and we were all cozy and snuggled up in our jammies having a little snuggle before we were all tucked in for the night!!! Maybe I should start preparing for next year now ;)

My hope for all of you is that you were also blessed to be surrounded by the ones you love, and that your hearts were filled with love, happiness, and laughter xo

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